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PAIN treatment

  • We are specialists in pain management. We use millenary methods, 100% natural, in treatment sessions that last an average of 1hr and 30 min. our goal  is to do everything in our power to reverse the worst pain conditions that our patients can bring us, as quickly as possible!  We managed to revert the situation of our patients for the most part, over 90% of the cases we attend.

some of our  specialties are:  

  Neurological Disorders - Nutritional Disorders -  Migraines - Headaches - PMS  - Syndrome of  Sciatic nerve -

  Pain and Disorders in the Legs - Herniated Disc -  pains of  Neck   Arm Pain and Dysfunctions - Spine Pain - Back Pain

Dysfunctions  mental -  Anxiety, Fear, Panic Syndrome  Burnout Syndrome- Stress - Depression -  Infertility



It's important to remember  that the patient's lifestyle needs to be examined in depth as this has a direct impact on the patient's condition. The level of stress, work, married life, lack of physical exercise and lack of good nutrition directly influence the patient's health.

Schedule an appointment with us, as we have natural medicinal methods  able to reverse their conditions  unbearable, whether they are muscular, neurological  or mental.

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