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Is Acupuncture for you?

Many people wonder how acupuncture can help them, and they have several questions about whether acupuncture hurts, how many treatments would be needed for them to get better, etc.

To leave some of these  For more clarified questions, we will report here a little about what happens in clinical practice, that is, the day-to-day in an integrated medicine practice, like ours.


According to the World Health Organization , acupuncture can be used to prevent and treat different types of illnesses. The advantage of using acupuncture and other natural medicinal modalities is that: there are no side effects, the procedure is basically painless (although it doesn't look like that), and both the physical and emotional bodies of people are extremely benefited,  among other advantages  already well evidenced throughout the existence of acupuncture (about 5,000 years).

Many people come to our office already quite intoxicated by the drugs, and as we know, the more toxin in our body, the worse  the health condition. Our work  consists of analyzing the person as a whole, from  your Alimentation  even your thoughts, and little by little we ponder how these elements  help  in health or harm, even  to the point of causing a collapse of the  own body or from  mind (psyche) that inhabits it.

This work is thorough, cautious and involves several medicinal aspects of analysis and treatment,  which are used for thousands of years by orientals, and which always, always bring positive results when well applied in treatments. Generally individuals  who are looking for us are  fatigued  in  pharmaceutical drugs or are desperate for an improvement that does not come and that after months or years  in between  several attempts at improvement  did not succeed in their health.

We usually say here that "the more complicated the case, the more we like to treat it", and  is that so. We vibrate with the achievements of our patients! The beauty of medical knowledge is precisely understanding which is the best method to be used in a given situation, and the union of Western medicine with ancient medicine is  very strong in its healing power. And in this, we can guarantee you one thing:  in Integrated Acupuncture, your health comes first.

The treatments are personalized, we only see one patient every 1.5 hours  (scheduled time), all this so that the treatments are really effective and long-lasting. Did you like what you read here? take a test  per  yourself, and come and meet us. We guarantee that your health will never be the same.


Dr. Carlos Frederico Lima

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